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Parts of a Smoking Pipe

Tobacco PipeUnderstanding your custom tobacco pipes will help you take better care of them and extend the life for many more years of smoking. These pipes have a number of parts that all work together to produce a smooth and satisfying smoking experience. At Leedy’s of Clayton, we handcraft custom tobacco pipes to the highest standards of quality and functionality to ensure the best experience for you.

Parts of a Pipe

Your hand-carved smoking pipes will consist of several different parts, including the following:

  • The stem is usually made from plastic, hard rubber, amber or horn. It joins to the rest of the pipe using a tenon that fits into the shank of the pipe. A band may be used to cover the join between these two halves of the pipe. The bit at the end of the stem is designed to fit into the mouth easily and provide a secure attachment point for holding the pipe in the mouth.
  • The bowl and shank of the pipe together are known as the stummel. This is the part that is usually carved and decorated to your specifications to create a unique smoking experience.

At Leedy’s of Clayton, we can create beautiful hand-carved smoking pipes to suit your personal style and budget. Call us at 937-280-4500 to discuss your ideas for a new custom pipe. We look forward to the chance to serve you.